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MainCloud Introduction
What is MainCloud?
MainCloud is the ultimate way to bring your world online, access it from anywhere, and share it with others. MainCloud is a web-based content manager and publishing system that you can use for just about anything - to check the latest breaking news, organize your photos and videos, find cool feeds and widgets, share your documents with co-workers, share your photos and videos with friends, or publish your content to the world! It's easy, fun, and can help you discover, organize, and share a world of information.
MainCloud Screen
Why use MainCloud?
As the amount of information, and the number of files in our digital world continue to increase, it has become more and more difficult to keep track of it all. Additionally, accessing all of our information and files from multiple types of devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones can seem nearly impossible. And, simply sharing a few photos, videos, or documents with friends or co-workers always seems to be a challenge. MainCloud lets you easily and seamlessly do all of this - allowing you to quickly store, organize, access and share the items in your digital world with just a few clicks!
How does MainCloud work?
All of your digital items (like news, feeds, tweets, photos, videos, music, documents, widgets and searches) are contained within blocks on a page. You can create and arrange as many blocks and as many pages as you like! You can add your own digital items to pages (like photos, videos, music, notes and documents), and discover new ones (like news, feeds, blogs, podcasts, tweets, widgets and the latest videos). You can publish your MainCloud Pages so that they can be directly accessed at their own web address. Published MainCloud Pages can be password protected so that only you or your friends can access them, or they can be public so that they are accessible to everyone!
What types of Content can I Organize with MainCloud?
MainCloud is the best way to view, organize and share all of the content in your digital world, including news, feeds, tweets, widgets, photos, videos, music, documents, notes, websites, searches, friends and more!
How can I Get Started Using MainCloud?
You can start to experience MainCloud by visiting published MainCloud pages that contain all kinds of great digital content like news, photos, videos and more! Check out the pages listed in the right column that contain the latest Breaking News and Hottest Topics! Also, check out the Cool Demos link in the top black menu bar to see sample pages illustrating the many different types of content that you can organize and share with MainCloud! At any time, you can Sign Up for your own MainCloud account and start bringing your world to the cloud, accessing it from anywhere, and sharing it with anyone!
How can I use MainCloud on my iPad, iPhone and Smartphone?
You can easily use MainCloud on any device that supports full web browsing, including an iPad, iPhone, and Smartphones. To use MainCloud, simply launch the web browser on your device (for example - Safari on the iPad) and go to You can login to your MainCloud account to access all of your content, or you can visit your Published Pages at for direct access to your published content!
Do I need to download an Application to use MainCloud?
No! MainCloud is entirely web based. To access MainCloud, simply launch the web browser on your device (for example - Safari on the iPad) and go to
What can I use MainCloud for?
You can use MainCloud to:
(1.) Discover great digital content from around the web (like news, feeds, tweets, videos, podcasts & widgets)
(2.) Store and organize your own personal digital content (like photos, videos, music, documents & notes)
(3.) Share your digital content with others (you can share with friends or publish to the world!)
Do I need to Login to use MainCloud?
Signing Up and Logging In to MainCloud will allow you to access the full set of MainCloud functionality, including the ability to add your own digital content (like feeds, tweets, photos and videos), customize your own MainCloud pages, and publish your pages to the world. Without Logging In, you can still experience MainCloud by visiting published MainCloud pages that contain all kinds of great digital content like news, feeds, tweets, photos, videos, widgets and more! You can see many of the top MainCloud pages by visiting
Can I get my own MainCloud web address?
Yes! Your MainCloud username becomes your very own web address. If you sign up for MainCloud and decide to publish any of your MainCloud pages, they may be accessed by anyone at, or individual published pages may be password protected so that they can only be accessed by a select few.
Is MainCloud Free?
Yes! MainCloud is 100% Free! You can use MainCloud to create and publish an unlimited number of pages, and store an unlimited amount of content - including photos, videos, music, and documents!
Can I access MainCloud from any computer?
Yes! That's what makes MainCloud so great! Once your information is in MainCloud (like news feeds, tweets, photos, videos, music, widgets and documents), you can then access your MainCloud information from any computer or device that supports web browsing, anywhere in the world!
What types of Pages can I create on MainCloud?
With MainCloud, you can create fantastic pages that combine all kinds of digital content, including feeds, photos, videos, music, notes, documents and more!
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